09/2022 – 12/22

User Research, Interaction, branding and experience


An artist wants to give fans the opportunity to preorder their next album release. Fans are eager to save the music beforehand and be among the first to listen, while also ensuring they don’t miss the launch day.













Ficticial hypotetical and ideal app client

User Journey Map


Login in the App


Discover an interesting song or album




Save it


Be the first one listening

Competitive Analysis

Find similar apps that provide music release database, see their pain points and get some inspiration. Apps that provides artist information about their new music, tour dates or merchandising. All are linked with main music platform

Dice : New way of selling Tickets for concerts and events. a platform for fans to experience more of the shows they love. From music legends and world-renowned festivals to underground club nights and artists who are just starting out.

Song Kick: biggest concert service on the planet.music fans across the globe use Songkick to track their favorite artists, discover awesome concerts and never ever miss out.

Discogs is an online database and marketplace of music releases that helps any enthusiast biggest and most comprehensive international music database and marketplace.

Paint points:

A) Simmilar apps have same visual esthetic. Doesn’t change between different artist.

B) Complicate preorder steps

C) Only exclusivity in one platform (mostly – spotify)


I create draft sketches on paper for each screen, then choose the best elements to combine and incorporate into the final screen. Created initial low-fidelity digital wireframe prototype.

Add first images, text and colors test for user test!

Study details

For this study, I conducted an unmoderated usability test. The following tasks were completed by all participants, leading to conclusions being made:

○ Prompt 1: Pick a song you want to presave.
Prompt 1 follow-up: How easy or difficult was this task to complete? Is there anything you would change about the process.

○ Prompt 2: You love the info you are reading and you want to finally save it in your spotify account.
Prompt 2 follow-up: How easy or difficult was this task to complete?

○ Prompt 3: You want to go to your profile page, so you can check all song saved before.

○ Prompt 4: Now that you are in your profile, you want to change music preferences, so in the home page all artists are recommended by your music taste.
Prompt 4 follow-up: How easy or difficult was this task to complete?

Prompt 5: How did you feel about this music presave app. What didyou like and dislike about it? why?

Easy to save song 90%
Easy to save navigate 50%
Useful 80%
Easy to change settings 100%

The results of the usability study have shown that most users find it straightforward to choose a song they want to presave. However, they have expressed a desire for a navigation bar to help them quickly find specific artists they are interested in. The ability to easily locate artists is a critical aspect of the user experience, as it enables users to quickly find the music they want to presave. Without a navigation bar, the process of finding specific artists can become time-consuming and frustrating. In addition to a navigation bar, users have also noted the absence of a confirmation page after they have presaved a song. This confirmation page is an important part of the user experience, as it provides visual feedback to the user that their action was successful. Without this confirmation, users are left with uncertainty about whether their presave was completed correctly. This can lead to frustration and confusion, especially for users who are unfamiliar with the presave process. In conclusion, the usability study has highlighted the importance of incorporating a navigation bar and a confirmation page into the design of the presave system. These additions would greatly improve the user experience, making it easier for users to find and presave the music they love. The implementation of these features would provide users with a more efficient and enjoyable experience, helping to increase user engagement and satisfaction

The inclusion of a navigation bar is a crucial aspect to improve the user experience of the presave system. A navigation bar allows users to quickly and easily locate specific artists they are interested in. This is essential for users who have a large music library, or who are unfamiliar with the presave process. The navigation bar should be designed in a clear and intuitive manner, making it simple for users to find the artists they are looking for. The use of clear and descriptive labels, as well as a well-organized hierarchy of information, will ensure that the navigation bar is user-friendly and easy to use. In addition to the navigation bar, a confirmation page is another important aspect to improve the user experience. This page provides visual feedback to the user, confirming that their presave was successful. This is particularly important for users who may be unsure about the presave process, or who have never presaved a song before. The confirmation page should be designed in a clear and concise manner, clearly indicating that the presave was successful. The use of simple and straightforward language, as well as a visual representation of the presave, will help to ensure that users feel confident and informed about their action.