09/2022 – 12/22

User Research, Interaction, branding and experience


This online e-commerce website offers a unique opportunity for customers to customize their dream bike with ease. With a wide range of options available, customers can select every aspect of their bike’s design, from the color of the frame to the handlebar style. 

The website’s user-friendly platform provides a seamless experience for customers to design their dream bike and make it a reality.

Full responsive
web design



Icons style


Ficticial hypotetical and ideal app client

As  a huge fan of cycling with not free time and knowledge I want to customize my own bike by a website so that the shop can offers expert guidance so that in few clicks and time I have a good bike customize

User Journey Map


Choose type of bike


Start customization process


Review all details


Payment gateway



Problem Statement

John is an avid cycling enthusiast with limited free time who is looking to customize his own bike using the best possible website because he needs best expert guidance and doesn’t have to much time

Competitive Audits

Competitive audits are an essential part of any user experience strategy, helping companies gain insights into their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. By analyzing their competitors’ products, services, marketing strategies, and online presence, as a designer I can  deeper understand user needs of the market and identify opportunities I will provide a brief review of the competitive audits of two online bike customization shops, Fanatikbike and Mission Bicycle Company, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

Fanatikbike: is a well-established brick-and-mortar bike shop with an impressive online presence. Their online custom mountain bike and wheel builder tools are exceptional, offering an excellent design and well-organized information. Customers can easily piece together their dream bikes and wheels step-by-step. However, the process may take more than 10 minutes, which can be a drawback. Also, the website might come off as too professional for some customers who don’t need too much detail.

Mission Bicycle Company: Mission Bicycle Company offers good services and live chat attention. Their website is fast and not too professional, making it easy for everyone to design their bikes. However, the design of their website is old and not very clear, which can be confusing for customers. Additionally, the website is not responsive at all, which can make it difficult for customers to navigate through the site.

Overall, both online bike customization shops have their strengths and weaknesses. Fanatikbike’s website is easy to navigate and offers a great customizing experience, but it might take longer than expected. Mission Bicycle Company’s website is fast and easy to use, but the design and responsiveness of the site could be improved.



I create draft sketches on paper for each screen, then choose the best elements to combine and incorporate into the final screen. Created initial low-fidelity digital wireframe prototype.

User Study

As part of my user research, I conducted an unmoderated usability study with two males and two females, all between the ages of 18 and 40, who are all passionate about bicycles. The objectives of this study were to determine whether the website is difficult to use and whether users can complete core tasks within the bike customization process.

During the study, participants were given tasks related to customizing a bike on the website. I observed the participants’ interactions with the website and collected data on their experiences, including their feedback on the website’s ease of use and functionality.

Overall, the study provided valuable insights into the website’s usability and highlighted areas for improvement to ensure a better user experience for bicycle enthusiasts.

To begin, go to the homepage and click on «Start Customizing.» From there, choose the type of bike you want and then select your preferred customization options.

Easy to start customizing 90%
Easy to navigate 90%
Really intuitive 90%

Once you have reviewed the details, finish the process. Go to your profile and see also if the details are correct

Ordinary Checkout 90%
Easy review information and make changes 90%
Clean profile with no much information 90%

After reading the «About Us» section, start customizing again and in this time click help button to restarting customization process with an expert guidance.  

Clear and easy read- About us 90%
Need more information in about us section 90%
Clear and easy use chat! 90%

Based on the findings of the user study, it can be concluded that the website is easy to use and provides a simple and straightforward customization process. Users were satisfied with the clarity and speed of the process, and were able to complete core tasks without any major issues.

However, there were some suggestions for improvement, including the addition of more information in the «About Us» section and the inclusion of more features. Nonetheless, overall feedback was positive, and users were generally happy with the website’s usability and customization options.

In order to continue improving the website, it may be helpful to incorporate user feedback and make adjustments as necessary to ensure that the site remains user-friendly and easy to use for all customers.

High Fidelity Prototype